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Dr. Larita S. Barnes

                  Transformational Leader. Wife. Mother. Friend.

                     The embodiment of what it is to live a life

                      poured out before God. Through her

                       inspirational discourse, your way of thinking

                       and speaking will be revolutionized. One

                       moment in her presence and you will never

                         be the same.

                       Dr. Larita S. Barnes is the global

                      author of “Trapped in the System,” a

                     book designed to reveal the tricks of the

                enemy and the tactics he uses to bring

     about our destruction.


Author. Entrepreneur. Life Coach. Pastor. Change Agent.  

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As a victor of rape and molestation, with former gang affiliation and alcohol abuse, she understands what it means to need  a way of escape from difficult situations. In 2007, she founded Women of Excellence Midwest, an organization established as a safe haven for battered, abused, and rejected women to heal and be emboldened to move forward. Three years later, she established the non-profit organization Living Life to the Fullest CDC, providing trainings, workshops, and seminars around self-empowerment. LLTTF develops and builds out strategies for economic development, violence prevention and health equity while putting a distinct focus on urban communities and the disparities that exist in them.


She holds a, Masters of Arts in Professional Studies from Eden Theological Studies, Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice & Security Management from Saint Louis University, an Associate degree in Education from Southwestern Illinois College. She  and is slated to start Law School at Washington University. She received an Honorary Doctorate of Humanitarianism from Global International Alliance. She holds several other licenses and certifications and is a franchise owner of one of the nation’s largest commercial cleaning companies. She has been featured on the Word Network, as well as several other radio and television shows. She serves as executive producer of “Power Moments to Live” TV and Radio talk show ™ and has appeared in HERS Magazine. She is a global leader and advisor for members of parliament in several countries and has founded Global Impact Leadership Alliance (GILA) ™ , an organization built on the commitment of meeting the needs of developing nations and providing a platform for cultural and economic exchange. She is the founder and lead organizer of the annual RESET America RESET Africa ® Conference, a conference that focuses on the 7 key areas of influence: business, arts and entertainment, media, family, government, religion and education, brings together heads of state and key policy makers from across the globe and fosters creative dialogue for cooperation while also participating in local government and receiving recognition for her work. She has been honored by Lisa Nicole Cloud for being a mastermind presenter at the 2017 WEN Conference and is a recipient of the President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteer Services. She has shared the stage with many of the industry’s leading speakers and singers and personalities.

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